Nov 17, 2022

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Introducing AlphaQuest program

Tired of whitelists and lotteries?…

Looking for a better investment opportunity?…

Wishing to become a real part of a community-driven product?…

Welcome aboard on AlphaQuest — a quest program by AlphaGuilty. Designed for the community members and everyone who is ready to contribute to a rewarding ecosystem. Let’s get started!

What is this feature about?

AlphaQuest is a core feature of our community and social hub. This unique attribute allows AlphaGuilty users to become a real part of our product, helping our ecosystem grow better, stronger and improve each day.

Our main mission is to create a community-driven product, where each member is equally engaged in the project’s development, and strongly believes in the future of new-wave launchpads like Alpha Guilty.

Benefits of AlphaQuest

Easier investment

The membership in the quest program makes it easier to invest in projects under AlphaGuilty’s management. In such a way, more promising NFT and P2E projects become available to most of the crypto enthusiasts.

Rewards system

Members of AlphaQuest earn rewards (points) by completing various tasks and quests. The more points gained, the higher is the member’s level and the wider range of benefits acquired. Points can be exchanged for tokens.

Fair allocation

Alpha Guilty represents a fair launchpad, where no lotteries or whitelists are needed to participate in a crypto project. Your allocation depends strongly on your ambition and motivation!

And even more benefits are inside!

Program’s functionality

AlphaQuest is a genuine ecosystem with many interconnected elements, which serve as an infrastructure for the members’ development.

It includes:

Rewards — earn points and exchange them for tokens.

Leaderboards — compete with other members for allocation.

Guilds — join like-minded people and develop your favorite projects together.

Users Tasks — complete them and progress in the leaderboard.

Daily & weekly quests — you will never get bored!

Tiers — upgrade your tier while staking on our platform and with our partners.

Staking — stake your tokens to receive more rewards.

Alpha Academy — learn, contribute & become a premium member.

Levels — boost your level to become a premium member and get more benefits.

The tasks of AlphaQuest

Let’s have a deeper look at the tasks, which let users progress as AlphaQuest members. Each task has its own difficulty and reward.

  • Visit our website for the first time to become Little Alpha — 10 points;
  • Say a word: mention AlphaGuilty on your Twitter — 15 points;
  • Have a lot of followers? Gain retweets on your AG post for a higher reward — 15 points;
  • Refer a friend to AlphaQuest to share great things together — 20 points;
  • Level up in Discord to become a Discord Ape — 20 points;
  • Complete a daily quest — 20 points;
  • Complete a weekly quest — 100 points;
  • Earn even more by staking your tokens within AlphaQuest (depending on the timeline: 7, 15, 30, 60, 90 days) — 50–500 points;
  • Quest streak: Prove you are a professional challenger by completing several quests in a row — 50–200 points;
  • Become ‘guilded’: join a guild of like-minded Alphas — 50 points;
  • Go beyond and become a guild master — 150 points;
  • Want to be a real product builder? Suggest some features to be implemented in AlphaGuilty’s products — 200 points;
  • Creator’s achievement: design and submit your own NFT to our launchpad — 200 points;
  • Can’t miss a promising project? Join one or more presales within AlphaGuilty and get the Investor achievement — 100–1000 points;
  • Make your way to science with! Become Alpha’s Scholar by suggesting new material for Alpha Academy — 100–1000 points.

AlphaGuilty quests

Each day and week we prepare a series of interesting and engaging challenges for the program members. Quests vary from very simple to quite challenging. You may have already seen some of them within AlphaGuilty community, and now we offer you to solve them for a greater reward!

Interactive games:
— Solve a riddle which AlphaGuilty team creates specially for program members
— Play hide & seek game for the most skilled loyals
— Answer the question about crypto/NFT/metaverse (easy with Alpha Academy!)

— Watch a special Adrian’s video we will provide you with
— Read a particular article on Alpha Academy we will offer to your attention

— Get familiar with our partners’ social media or websites
— Insider: send us a new interesting crypto or NFT project. We care about your point of view!
— Influencer: tag or tell about us on any social media, in related public, or private channels. Your voice matters!

Creativity and development:
— Artist: create your own NFT. Contribute us while filling your portfolio!
— Business dev: you can propose to us companies we can partner with.
— Designer: feel free to send us creatives for new marketing campaigns.

Summing it all up

AlphaQuest is a unique opportunity to experience real project development and become privileged community members. The program members get far more rewards and benefits from AlphaGuilty, while adding value to your favorite launchpad with use and fun.

Join AlphaQuest today and be the first to feel all the advantages of the program!

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