Mar 10, 2023


Aptos blockchains have generated serious hype in the crypto space, but is it that good? Aptos blockchain, created by a team of more than 350 developers, aims to reinvigorate the L1 with new ideas for consensus mechanisms, blockchain security, performance, and decentralization.

If you look at Aptos blockchain now, it’s the most hyped crypto project in recent memory. In a moment, we will discuss Aptos, APT tokens, and Aptos airdrops in more detail.

What is Aptos?

Aptos is a blockchain platform based on the Aptos BFT consensus algorithm. The project was founded by Aptos Labs, the team includes a staff of Diem (blockchain designed for Meta). Aptos Labs use a unique programming language called Move to create smart contracts.

What’s more, the Aptos Labs team raised $350 million in investment in 2022. According to Aptos Labs, the use of special execution technology allows the Aptos blockchain to achieve speeds above 160,000 operations per second. In addition, Aptos Labs engineers claim the delay is less than a second.

How to get Aptos crypto token

Aptos has a native APT crypto token, an airdrop was conducted among Aptos community members in October 2022. According to Aptos Foundation, a total of 20,076,150 APT tokens were issued to more than 110,000 users.

Today you can get Aptos tokens on major crypto exchanges like Coinbase. However, there is another option with AlphaQuest. All you have to do is complete the quests for a chance to win a second-wave crypto retrodrop and get some Aptos tokens.

What makes Aptos special?

Aptos is designed as a flexible, easily updatable platform for the ever-changing Web3 market. The MoveVM provides the interaction of users, applications, and smart contracts on the network.

In addition, the modularity of Aptos allows the network to be broken down into conditional segments for rapid deployment of applications and new mechanisms for using Web3 solutions. It also provides the ability to test protocol-level updates without having to shut down the network.

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